Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rules for my company

I will most certainly start a company one day. As a result of my experiences working at other companies, the following is the constitution I will implement. It will change over time, mostly as a result of additions.

  1. The company shall behave ethically
    1. No fucking around here. No cost/benefit analysis.
    2. This is the highest policy. This policy shall override any policy with which it is in conflict.
  2. The company shall not adopt any policy unless violation of the policy warrants immediate termination.
    1. This will avoid fluff policies that no one cares about.
  3. The company shall not have an HR department
    1. Instead the company will have an Office of Morale that is responsible for ensuring all employees are satisfied and productive.
  4. The company shall obey the law
    1. Particularly labor laws.
  5. The company shall fully disclose the complete compensation package of every employee to every other employee.
  6. In addition to an open door policy, the company shall have anonymous submission boxes for every manager. Such submission shall be free from repercussions, regardless of content.
  7. The company shall strive for the flattest hierarchy possible.
  8. Decision making authority shall be pushed as far down the hierarchy as possible.
  9. The company shall not schedule holidays in such a manner that it force employees to spend vacation time to pad the holiday.
  10. If an employee elects to not participate in a benefit paid for in whole or in part by the company, the company shall pay the companys portion of the expense directly to the employee.
    1. This covers things like health insurance and 401k matches.